Amazon Spirit Healing Center

Welcome to Amazon Spirit Healing Center.

Here you find your trip into the jungle of Iquitos , Peru. 

This is a life changing experience and a new start in your life and a memory that will be with you forever.

Ayahuasca is one of the most transformative experience in life and we have been working with this medicin for many generations.
We share new ways of thinking about life on earth and about us humanity
Be one with nature and live in our lodge with view of the jungle and beautiful plants everywhere.
We help you if you want with booking flight from your country to Iquitos. With pickup at airport, hotels and tours around Peru.

Book 7 days, 10 days or 14 days or how long you want to stay.

We offer tours to go on with flower water tour (looking for the amazing pink dolphins), jungle tours, trips to animal rescues centers , monkey island tour and many   with different natural traditional jungle medicines.

This Retreat is 100% owned by peruvians.

Support our locals that have been working with the medicin and with healing from plants for many years.